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How To Plant Orchids In Pots

How To Plant Orchids In Pots - Here are simple tips on how to plant orchids in pots

How To Plant Orchids In Pots

How to plant orchids in pots

  • Place the wire up to the base of the pot.
  • Put the medium of stone, wood charcoal, or coconut fiber into a pot.
  • Insert orchid seedlings. Arrange for the roots of orchids to spread evenly.
  • Tie the seedlings to the wire.
  • Re-insert the planting medium to cover the roots but do not cover the stems of orchids.
  • Especially for plastic pots, the very bottom of the pot is filled with precarious shards or bricks to taste, a maximum of one-third of the height of the pot. That's to make the pot heavy and also serve as a filter.

The ingredients needed to plant orchids in pots are:

Pot as a place to grow orchids.

You can use pots of any material: plastic, cement, or soil. The important thing is to use a new pot. If you want to use a used pot, then be sure to clean it carefully. Because there is a possibility of used pots overgrown with fungi, moss, or possibly bacteria. There is even the possibility that the pot has changed its acidity level.

Wire buffer

How To Plant Orchids In Pots

To plant orchids using pots, use wire diameter 2~4 mm as water. Wire is more durable and sturdier than wood or bamboo that can be weathered or broken. This wire serves to keep orchids standing upright, not shake when treated (fertilizer, watering). Remove the wire after the orchid root is firmly attached to the pot.

Growing media

Planting media for planting orchids are wood charcoal, and fern pieces, coconut fiber.

How To Plant Orchids In Pots

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